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ErgoWorks Sdn Bhd is always at the frontline to provide ergonomics solutions for employers to manage ergonomic issues in their work system. Our scientific solution approach will help employers to improve work efficiency, work standard, safety and health simultaneously. In essence to minimize legislative (OSH Act 1994) and financial (productivity) risks to the industry. 

Ergonomics Assessment
HFE Activity
Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) Training
Ergonomics Assessment
Ergonomics Talks
Ergonomics Talks


1) Front End

2) Middle Path

3) Rear End

Front-End : To address ergonomic concerns at design stage of a work system/facility through engineering approach. It is commonly known as Human Factors Engineering (HFE).

Middle-path : Focuses on assessing current status of ergonomic risks when the facility is up and running, and managing improvements to address the ergonomic concerns.

Rear end : To address ergonomic concerns when workers are suffering from pains and injuries due to work-related ergonomic risk from existing work systems


  1. HFE Screening
  2. Valve Criticality Analysis (VCA)
  3. Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA)
  4. HFE Model Review
  5. Control Room Design Analysis
  6. HFE for Vendor Packages
  7. Construction HFE Independent Verification
  8. HFE Advisory for Project Management Team



  1. Body Symptoms Survey
  2. Workplace Ergonomics Screening
  3. DOSH Initial & Advanced Ergonomic Risk Assessment (Prescribed Method)
  4. Ergonomics Risk Assessment for Plant and Offices (HIRAC or Non-prescribed Method)
  5. Training in various Ergonomic topics (Depending on request)
  6. Ergonomics engineering control measures.
  7. Ergonomics Training


  1. Work Assessment for Ergonomic related occupational diseases for SOCSO claim



                             Other services

  1. Research and Development (R&D) in the field of Ergonomics
  2. Virtual Reality Immersive Technique for work system assessments and verifications.
  3. Mental workload screening and assessment
  4. Ergonomic products
  5. Ergonomic video productions
  6. Ergonomic Advisory package

Front End Activities

Middle Path Activities

Rear End Activities


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