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More than 15 Long Years Of Ergonomics Experiences

Since establishment in November 2005, ErgoWorks Sdn Bhd has been providing solutions to clients in various fields.

This include wide fields of Industrial and Occupational Ergonomics to various types of industry covering oil & gas, services, manufacturing, electronics, transportation, aviation, telecommunications, and energy.

We provide ergonomics services with solution-based approach for work systems that are in early engineering design stage and already operational level. Our services focus on improving work conditions for workers that are healthy and those with symptoms of work-related musculoskeletal injuries and disorders


Numbers Speak For Themselves

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Ergo Team

Our Ergo Team consisting of experienced Ergonomists, Engineers and Occupational Health Doctors. We assist Clients in providing quality ergonomics guidance, evaluations, recommendations and advisory supports to improve efficiency and work standard, as well as minimizing safety and health risks.

Vast experiences

  • Performed Human Factors Engineering studies for more than 80 offshore and onshore facilities
  • Conducted more than 10,000 ergonomic assessments and improvement
  • Trained thousands of workers as well as management, engineers and technical teams on topics related to occupational ergonomics

Wide range of ergonomics advisory

  • Introduced and conducted Pain and Injury Recovery program to industry for workers with symptoms of work related Chronic Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Advised companies on how to plan and implement ergonomics risk management programs through customized advisory packages

Our Services

Address ergonomic concerns at design stage of a work system/ facility .

Services offered

  1. HFE Screening
  2. Valve Criticality Analysis (VCA)
  3. Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA)
  4. HFE Model Review
  5. Control Room Design Analysis
  6. HFE for Vendor Packages
  7. Construction HFE Independent Verification
  8. HFE Advisory for Management Team


Assess current status of ergonomic concern when the facility is up and running.

Services offered

  1. Body Symptoms Survey
  2. Ergonomics Risk Assessment for Plant and Offices (HIRAC Method)
  3. Ergonomics Training
  4. Practical and engineering ergonomics control measures.
  5. Initial Ergonomic Risk Assessment (DOSH ERA)
  6. Advanced Ergonomic Risk Assessment (DOSH ERA)
  7. Advisory

Address concern when workers are suffering from pains and injuries due to work-related ergonomic risk from the existing facility

Service offered

  1. Work Assessment for SOCSO Claim

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