Pain and Injury Recovery Management

ErgoWorks Sdn Bhd is able to provide physiotherapy services at our client places or at our office. We provide fast and effective solution in rehabilitation by using INDIBA Activ Therapy to:

     - Reduces pain
     - Facilitates mobilization
     - Regenerates tissue
     - Accelerate healing

INDIBA Activ Therapy is based on a patented and safe technology that, together with manual therapy, achieves a triple effects in tissues during rehabilitation:

     a. An increase in the speed of scarring process
     b. Fibrolytic action
     c. Analgesic action

INDIBA Activ Therapy used the unique system for pain and recovery process which called Proionic system 448kHz. The medical studies described the Proionic System as the unique syatem that stimulates intra and extra cellular ion exchange restoring physiological cell electrical activity, which enables the correct functionality of the cells. The 448 kHz frequency is the key of our active cell therapy to stimulate the natural mechanism of healing and tissue recovery non invasively.






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