What is Ergonomics?


The OSH Act 1994 requires all employers to provide a safe working environment which also means to minimize the chronic injuries due to health and safety hazards to the workers because of lacking in ergonomic considerations.


Ergonomics is defined as fitting the working environment to workers and how to maximize the relationship between human and working system. Ergonomics is an approach which puts human needs and capabilities at the focus of designing technological systems. The aim is to ensure that humans and technology work in complete harmony with the equipment and tasks aligned to human characteristics.


The purpose of ergonomics is to ensure a high level of productivity and competitiveness among workers in a working environment without safety and health problems in order to maximize the company bottom line.


To achieve the level needed, four issues will be addressed simultaneously, mainly; work efficiency, work standards, safety and health according to the acceptable worker physical and mental capacities. This is also what the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) 1994 is advocating to the industry.


Finally, ergonomics is set to reduce the financial and legislation risks of any company that willing to embark in ergonomics program.



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